Well let me start off by saying that I'm not a fan of recruiters and the reason. Every recruiter I have ever tried to deal with in the past was quick and responsive in the 1st few conversations and then after you do an interview with there client and that opportunity wasn't a good fit then boom your ghosted. Another thing was I have a recruiter that have an English accent that did the same to me. Fast forward to Sept 2022 and I get a DM from Ben Stuart. I told him I was open to listen but I'm happy where I'm at currently. The 1st time I spoke to Ben I heard he had an English accent and I was thinking to myself here we go again. That turned out to be totally wrong. Ben was very persistent, reaching out to me and being very transparent about everything. I did the 1st interview with Ben's client via video due to my current work location and then about a week or 2 then client had asked if I could do an in person interview at there office closes to my location. That went very well and Ben made sure the day of to reach out to me to make sure everything was good on my end to proceed that day with the interview and after the interview I spoke to Ben. With Ben's assistance I landed the position and can't wait for my 1st day with my new employer. I have recommended one of my coworkers to Ben so he can hopefully assist and place him as well. Ben goes the extra mile, keeps you in the loop and very transparent about the whole arrangement. Ben you continue the Great hard work you do and you will continue to be very successful in your recruiter career that has changed my whole way of thinking about recruiters!!! Best of luck my friend!!!

Paul Watson

Owen Thomas Group helped me find a great career opportunity! Tom Wylie is the recruiter I worked with and he's been nothing but helpful and supportive every step of the way. I am glad that I decided to respond back when he reached out to me. Not only did he check on me before and after interviews, he helped me negotiate and got me a great offer. He still checks on me to this day to make sure I'm happy at my new workplace. I'll be recommending Owen Thomas Group to my friends.

Carol Chen

When I reached out to Chris Desmarais he respond back the very same day. He listened to me and what I was looking for in my next employer. He reached back to me with two options and gave me the information on both companies and asked me the next day what was my choice. He agreed with my decision and went right after getting me in front of the company. I have now been with my new employer for four weeks and am very happy I made the choice to change companies. Thanks Chris for helping me make the change.

Shawn Hamelin

Matt Tamburri went above and beyond with getting me interviews with companies that best fit me. He is a down to earth guy who will work with you and give advise on how to approach certain things. He got my top dollar amount anticipated. He is great with following up and following through. Highly recommend Matt if you’re looking for a good recruiter.

William Freeswick